10,000 LUNA reward for New Users

**Update: The LUNA-reward campaign is ended. You can still register ONUS to get a bonus 10 USDT.

In order to develop the community and increase benefits for new investors, starting from 4:00 UTC on May 27th, ONUS officially launches the LUNA reward program for new users.

Specifically, besides the reward of 200,000 VNDC (for Vietnamese) or 10 USDT (for other nations), you will receive an additional 10,000 LUNA right after opening an account and logging in to the ONUS application for the first time.

The reward program starts from 04:00 UTC May 27th. 

Register at: http://goonus.io/apps

What can you do with these rewards?

  • For LUNA: Fully unlocked, you can use all the features applicable for LUNA on the ONUS application (Off-Chain Transaction, Exchange).
  • For VNDC or USDT: You can get the compound interest of 12.79% per year with VNDC or 6.2% per year with USDT, receive a bonus daily, and withdraw at any time. Fully unlocked after 365 days.

We believe that this new reward program is an excellent opportunity for everyone to start their digital asset investment journey. Hope you all have a significant investment experience with ONUS!

Revoke policy

Users will have their 200,000 VNDC or 10 USDT bonus revoked in the following cases:

  • Failure to complete KYC within 3 months of account opening.
  • No conversion transactions occurred within 6 months from the date of account opening.