239,000 ONUS burned, 239 VIP Members emerged

Just over a month since the release with a fixed amount of 1000 ONUS VIP Membership NFT, we recorded 239 users burning 1000 ONUS tokens to own their own NFT to equip themselves with a special benefit system exclusively for VIP members.

Specifically, 239,000 ONUS was burned on the BNB Smart Chain network on June 14, 2022, totaling the equivalent of $119,380.5. The ONUS token burn demonstrates the commitment of members who want to stick with the continuously growing and expanding ONUS ecosystem. The amount burned also helps to reduce the circulating supply, increasing the value of the ONUS token.

239,000 ONUS burned transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x1f482996493c35ff8c9261ad6f6fede266b22bde7a00c449bea3eb4a2c4dd6b4 

To ensure transparency, all ONUS token burn transactions will be publicly updated at: https://goonus.io/ONUS/.

Introducing ONUS VIP Membership NFT

ONUS Vip Membership NFT helps identify VIP users at ONUS DeFi. When owning ONUS VIP Membership NFT, users will have privileges such as priority participation in ONUS Launchpad (IDO), Private Sale Pool, Airdrop Pool and other privileges.

To own an ONUS VIP Membership NFT, users need to burn 1000 ONUS tokens through the ONUS DeFi platform.

  • Each DeFi wallet can only apply the benefits of 01 ONUS VIP Membership NFT.
  • Total fixed amount 1000 NFT, cannot generate (mint) more.

Own NFT at: https://onus.exchange/nfts 

Instructions to burn ONUS to own NFT: https://bit.ly/3NRLGpY