40% off Futures trading fees on BTC and ETH trading pairs

In order to facilitate and encourage more users to experience the Futures trading feature, Attlas and ONUS officially launched a 40% Fees Discount Program for all Futures Trading on BTC and ETH trading pairs.


  • Policy: Users will get 40% off Futures trading fees when using FutureSwap and Futures Pro on 4 trading pairs: BTC/VNDC, BTC/USDT, ETH/VNDC and ETH/USDT.
  • Audience: Atlas and ONUS users
  • Time: From 03:00 AM UTC on August 5th, 2022 to 05:00 PM UTC on August 31st, 2022


Users does not need to take any further action to receive the refund. Users are still charged a flat fee of 0.05% when trading the above pairs. The application will automatically notify users that they are refunded a specific amount, equivalent to 40% of the transaction fee.

For example, if a user trades 10 billion VNDC on the BTC/VNDC pair → transaction fee is refunded (paid in VNDC) = 10 billion x 0.05% x 40% = 2,000,000 VNDC

Users can access the “Transaction history” section to check the refunded fee.

Investors can contact the hotline 19003098 or the Fanpage Atlas if they have any problems using or experiencing the service.