50,000 VNDC giveaway for new Futures traders

To help more users experience Futures trading with ONUS Pro, ONUS officially launched the program: Give away 50,000 VNDC for all new Futures traders.

  • Eligible to all users who completed basic KYC or advanced KYC from August 15, 2023, or users who have already completed KYC but have not yet made their first deposit of VNDC or USDT into Futures wallet.
  • Users can withdraw all rewards if they have a Futures trading volume of 250,000,000 VNDC.

*Please update the app to version 4.7.5 to experience.

How to get rewards

  • Download ONUS and register an account at: https://goonus.io/en/ 
  • Verify your account according to the instructions on the app, or follow the instructions here
  • At the main screen, open the Futures feature
  • There will be a notice board of 50,000 VNDC rewards
  • Choose “Get Started” to receive your rewards

New users who register an ONUS account and complete account verification by August 15 will receive the following rewards:

  • Get 20,000 VNDC immediately upon successful account registration
  • Get an extra 200,000 VNDC when completing the first VNDC Purchase transaction (Buy VNDC directly with the owner’s bank account)
  • (New) Get 50,000 VNDC to your Futures wallet. Please access the Futures feature to receive rewards

Suggestions for Futures trading with 50,000 VNDC reward

Currently, ONUS Pro supports leverage from 1x to 125x, depending on each trading pair. With a capital of 50,000 VNDC, according to the formula: Volume = Margin * Leverage, you can trade up to 6,250,000 VNDC. You can also split your capital into multiple orders to diversify your investment experience.

Experience futures trading with ONUS Futures Pro

  1. Web version: https://pro.goonus.io/ 
  2. On the ONUS App: https://goonus.io/apps
  • Lite version: Minimal version for newbies
  • Pro version: Full version for professional traders