Acala USD Token (AUSD) is now available on ONUS

From May 10th, we officially list Acala USD (AUSD) on the ONUS application. Soon after AUSD is added, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive AUSD with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Exchange: Swap from VNDC or USDT to AUSD and vice versa.

About Acala USD (AUSD)

The Acala USD (AUSD) stablecoin protocol enables a decentralized, cross-chain stable currency that serves as the native stablecoin of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. AUSD is pegged to the US Dollar and is minted from a variety of reserve assets. This allows holders of the reserve assets to earn, spend, trade, and access other services without price volatility while retaining ownership of their reserve assets.

Features of AUSD:

  • Stable: Pegged to one dollar. 1 AUSD = 1 USD.
  • Censorship-Resistant: Backed only by decentralized assets in Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP).
  • Multi-Collateralized: Backed by cross-chain & native parachain assets: DOT, KSM, ACA, KAR, BTC, and ETH.
  • Secure & Efficient: Liquidations powered on-chain with guaranteed oracle price feeds.
  • Natively Cross-chain: AUSD can be transferred cross-chain to any parachain on Polkadot or Kusama.



  • Name: Acala USD
  • Symbol: AUSD
  • Platform: Polkadot
  • Type: Stablecoin