AceStarter (ASTAR) re-inspection result

Dear ONUS Community,

On February 10th, ONUS decided to re-inspect the AceStarter project after receiving an announcement from the project’s team about some major changes compared to the initially validated model. Specifically: 

  • Converting the form of fundraising, allowing IDO and Private Sales tokens to have the same price and be unlocked 100% at TGE.
  • Adjust Tokenomics and IDO timing across platforms.
  • Adjustment of launchpad offering price for ASTAR tokens.

After the re-inspection, ONUS considers the above changes to be inconsistent with the criteria set forth by ONUS. To keep consistency in the selection of projects to ensure the benefits of investors, ONUS would like to announce that we can not deploy Launchpad for AceStarter tokens (ASTAR). 

ASTAR token is still deployed IDO on other platforms. For detailed information, please check out AceStarter’s official channels.

Thanks to the community for always following and supporting the projects on ONUS Launchpad. In the coming time, ONUS will continue to search and propose more potential projects to investors.

Best regards,

ONUS team.