Airdrop 400,000 DeFi Football (WCI) for all users

ONUS will collaborate with DeFi Football to conduct an Airdrop program for all users in order to provide the investors with the opportunity to own WCI tokens before Launchpad.

Specifically, starting from 08:00 AM UTC on November 30, 2022, the first 40,000 people who log into the ONUS application will receive 400,000 WCI (10 WCI/user), distributed in turn until the number is depleted. The total prize pool is worth up to 75,000,000 VNDC (according to IDO price).

DeFi Football (WCI) Sale on ONUS Launchpad Timeline

  • Phase 1: Determine buy options (03:00 AM UTC on December 2)
  • Phase 2: Subscription (03:00 AM UTC on December 2 – 04:00 AM UTC on December 3)
  • Phase 3: Token Allocation (04:00 AM UTC on November 3)
  • Phase 4: Claim Token (08:00 AM UTC on December 3)

See the detailed Launchpad and participation instructions here.

About DeFi Football and token WCI 

DeFi Football is the first Web3 game application on ONUS Chain. Separate from the GameFi model, with a burning and revenue-sharing mechanism to avoid inflation, DeFi Football allows players to freely immerse themself in the exciting world of football, where fiery matches and tactical rivalry are created by drafting, training and leading their own dream team on the Web3 interface.

With the Free-to-Earn model and attractive gameplay, everyone can build the strongest squad, upgrade the best players, and apply the best tactics with DeFi Football to receive rewards through the in-game activities with the project’s revenue sharing policy.

Thanks to the improved hybrid gameplay from FIFA Online and Football Manager, DeFi Football brings new ways to have funs and lets everyone easily participate in PvP or Tournaments and receive big prizes when becoming a winner.

WCI is the utility token of DeFi Football, which can be used to:

  • Buy and sell player cards on the Marketplace
  • Create and participate in matches with other players in PvP mode
  • Participate in Tournaments to win great prizes every week
  • Get revenue share via Staking pools and Reward pools


  • Name: World Cup International
  • Symbol: WCI
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token type: Utility
  • Maximum total supply: 100,000,000 WCI