Airdrop 5,000 PI for ONUS Users

To close a memorable year 2022, starting from 13:00 UTC on December 31, 2022, ONUS will conduct an Airdrop event: Giving away 5,000 Wrapped Pi (PI) rewards to users, equivalent to 375,000,000 VNDC.

Specifically, the first 100,000 people logging into the ONUS app from 13:00 UTC on December 31 will share the total reward of 5,000 PI (0.05 PI/user).

  • Download ONUS app at:
  • Verify your account (KYC) to unlock all features, and receive passive compound interest of 12.78%/year. See instructions here.

About PI

Wrapped PI is a token built by the PiBrigde team as an alternative to the original Pi (from Pi Network). PI is a utility token of the PiBridge ecosystem, used for several purposes, such as: farming, staking, OTC trading and ecommerce.

You can now buy/sell PI on the ONUS app. Learn more about PI here.