All about amazing chances in the ONUS Chain ecosystem (Part 1)

Each different blockchain platform will have its own ecosystem, along with potential opportunities for users to experience and profit.

ONUS Chain is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain platform built on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). With a friendly interface, low cost and easy to use, various DApps have been officially integrated into the network, offering participants amazing chances.

Our team will summarize and bring to the community all potential opportunities when participating in the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

1. MiaSwap

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As the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the ONUS Chain network, MiaSwap is the main source of liquidity for the entire ecosystem, allowing users to exchange assets with low fees and earn profits based on providing liquidity.

In particular, Yield Farming and Mining Pools are two features that can help users increase ideal income with simple and quick operations.

About Yield Farming:

To participate in Yield Farming, users first need to provide liquidity, thereby receiving LP Tokens in return. This feature allows users to stake LP tokens to receive MIA rewards, thereby increasing passive income with an attractive APR.

The APR level will represent the amount of MIA users receive when staking LP tokens and is calculated at the current exchange rate. The Farm feature encourages users to provide liquidity for trading pairs, thereby ensuring ample liquidity and reasonable transaction costs for everyone.

With the current APR of more than 150%, Yield Farming on MiaSwap will be a reasonable choice for those who follow the safe investment school.

Instructions to join Yield Farming on MiaSwap:

About Mining Pools:

With Mining Pools, users can stake MIA and ONUS to get back other assets with an ideal APY level. By staking the MIA received from Yield Farming, investors can maximize profits from the liquidity provision.

Each mining pool will have different cycles, giving users a variety of choices and easy financial balance.

Instructions to join Mining Pools on MiaSwap:

In addition, MiaSwap has also launched the Lottery feature, allowing users to buy unlimited tickets and participate in the daily draw with extremely attractive rewards.

Let’s experience Lottery on MiaSwap:


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USDO is the first “Special Coin” built on the ONUS Chain Network. As a special token whose value increases with the development of the ecosystem, USDO offers users a safe and attractive option for asset hoarding.

The mechanism behind USDO:

In order to mint USDO, users need to lock BUSD to receive USDO at the rate of 1:1, according to the ratio of total collateral to the total amount of circulating USDO at the time of minting. Currently, the collateral for the value of USDO is 100% BUSD, and users will not be charged for minting USDO.

For example:

  • When 1 USDO = 1 BUSD, user needs to use 1 BUSD to mint 1 USDO.
  • When 1 USDO = 2 BUSD, user needs to use 2 BUSD to mint 1 USDO.

Conversely, users can convert ​USDO to receive back BUSD (Redeem) according to the ratio of the total collateral and the amount of USDO in circulation, with a redemption fee of 0.5% of the total trading volume.

With this mechanism, the features of USDO include:

  • Anyone can mint USDO or redeem collateral at any time.
  • USDO value will always be guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 1 BUSD.
  • In case there are no more holders, USDO will still guarantee a value greater than or equal to 1 BUSD to the last holder.
  • The value of $USDO can increase faster after a massive dump.

With a simple interface and special mechanism, USDO promises to become one of the products that bring many opportunities to users of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

Experience sustainable growth with USDO:

3. OnGate

No description available.

OnGate is the first Launchpad platform on the ONUS Chain network, providing essential features that anyone can use:

  • Create Token: Users can create their own tokens on the ONUS Chain platform quickly and easily.
  • Create Launchpad: With this feature, users can create a token sale (launchpad) with full options and customizations.
  • Lock: A feature that allows users to lock tokens or LP tokens for a certain period of time in accordance with the development orientation of the creator.

With OnGate, any project or individual can create their own tokens or a token sale without any programming experience, time to set up, or intervention from the developing team. Regular users can also directly participate in pools to capture early investment opportunities in potential projects.

Experience OnGate and seize your chance:

Through this guide, users have a preliminary understanding of the attractive opportunities when participating in the ONUS Chain ecosystem. See you in the next part with more amazing projects!

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