All about Nao Futures fees

Currently, users when trading NAO Futures need to pay attention to 3 types of fees, including Trading fees, Liquidation fees, and Swap fees. To help users better understand how to apply these fees on NAO Futures, the team would like to send the following detailed explanation to the community.

Trading Fee

Trading fee is a fee that users need to pay when opening and closing Futures trading orders. Currently, NAO Futures is applying a trading fee of 0.06%, by default in VNDC.

NAO Futures trading fees will be calculated according to the following formula:

  • Open Fee = (Amount of asset x Entry Price) x 0.06%
  • Close Fee = (Amount of asset x Close Price) x 0.06%

Example: You buy 0.003 BTC at the entry price of 700,000,000 VNDC and take profit at 710,000,000 VNDC.

  • Open Fee = (0.003 x 700,000,000) x 0.06% = 1,260 VNDC
  • Close Fee = (0.003 x 710,000,000) x 0.06% = 1,278 VNDC

In addition, you can also choose to pay fees by NAO, ONUS or NAMI to get a discount on Trading Fees. Specifically:

  • Pay by NAO: 40% off (0.06% reduced to 0.036%)
  • Pay by ONUS or NAMI: 25% off (0.06% reduced to 0.045%)

Liquidation Fee

Liquidation Fee is a fee that is calculated on the trading volume and is used as the main source of revenue for the Futures liquidation insurance fund. This fund is intended to offset the negative balance in users’ Futures wallets when orders are liquidated beyond their ability to pay. All exchanges that offer Futures products impose a liquidation fee on orders that are liquidated.

NAO Futures Liquidation Fees are fixed at 1% of the Trading Volume and deducted directly from the user’s Futures wallet balance.

Example: You place a Buy/Long BTC order with a total Trading Volume of 2,000,000 VNDC. If the order is closed and the margin is liquidated, you will be charged an additional 2,000,000 x 1% = 20,000 VNDC Liquidation Fee.

Compare NAO Futures Liquidation Fees with popular exchanges

ONUS Futures

Binance Futures


Liquidation Fee


0.5% - 2.5%

From 1.5%


Fixed for all trading pairs

Varies by trading pair

Varies by trading pair

How to avoid paying the Liquidation Fee?

You can completely avoid order liquidation and liquidation fees through the following 2 features on NAO Futures:

  • Set Stop Loss (SL): With high leverage orders (x20 and above), NAO Futures has automatically suggested SL points to users to avoid order liquidation. You can also adjust the SL to your liking at the price before the Liquidation Price to avoid the risk of asset liquidation.
  • Margin Adjustment: You can add Margin to each open order to widen the liquidation threshold, create more opportunities to maintain the order, and adjust the SL price to avoid asset liquidation.

Funding Rate

Funding rates are periodic payments between traders to make the perpetual futures contract price close to the index price, or the underlying crypto constituting the futures contract. A perpetual futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price without an expiration date on the contract.

When the the funding rate is positive, traders who are long on a perpetual contract will pay a funding fee to traders on the opposing side. On the other hand, when funding rate is negative, traders who are short on a perpetual contract will pay a funding fee to long traders.

Funding rates are calculated using the following formula:

Funding Amount = Position Volume × Funding Rate

(Position Volume = Market Price x Size of Contract)

Please note that Nami takes no fees from funding rate transfers as funding fees are transferred directly between traders.

Traders are only liable for funding payments in either direction if they have open positions at the pre-specified funding times. If traders do not have a position, they are not liable for any funding. If you close your position prior to the funding time, you will not pay or receive any funding.

Find out more about NAO Futures Funding Rate here.