All-in trading contest Liquid Crypto (LQDX) – Total prize pool 120,000,000 VNDC

LQDX, the token of the Liquid Crypto project – the newest partner of ONUS Chain – has been listed in the form of Launchpool on the ONUS application recently. Liquid Crypto provides products and services that unlock real value in the cryptocurrency market, with a variety of security tools to maximize investor safety.

From 3:00 p.m. on January 26, 2024, ONUS cooperates with Liquid Crypto: Officially opening the event “All-in trading contest LQDX”. A total prize of 120,000,000 VNDC will be awarded to outstanding players with the highest LQDX trading volume.

Time: 15:00 January 26, 2024 to 15:00 February 23, 2024

Prize structure

  1. Top trading prize
  • A total reward of 80,000,000 VNDC will be awarded to the Top 10 users with the highest trading volume (*).
  • Divide the ratio by trading volume to the top 10 people with the highest total trading volume
  1. Community award
  • Total reward 40,000,000 VNDC
  • Divided equally among all players with trading volume over 100 LQDX

The player’s LQDX trading volume will be automatically updated to the Leaderboard. The rankings are continuously updated at:


  • All ONUS users can participate.
  • In all situations that arise, ONUS has full authority to decide on the program results.
  • Rewards are transferred to the user’s ONUS account within 14 working days after the program ends.
  • For the Community Reward, the maximum prize per account is 50,000 VNDC in the form of LQDX tokens.