Allocation of 1,500,000 Heroes TD Tokens (HTD) Completed

At 03:00 PM UTC today, November 28, ONUS has completed the subscription format Launchpad for Heroes TD Token (HTD), and the final token allocation results are now showing on the HTD Launchpad page in-app.

With an initial price of 1 HTD = 0.06 USDT, the launchpad for HTD has a total value of 90,000 USDT. Through this impressive Launchpad achievement, HTD is expected to become an asset with strong growth potential in the coming time.

Allocation details:

  • Total number of participants: 3,201
  • Total amount of ONUS submitted to buy HTD: 4,955,098.54 ONUS

According to the new format, investors will be allocated an amount of HTD equivalent to the amount of ONUS they submitted in the subscription. To receive HTD, at 03:00 PM UTC on November 29, investors please access the Launchpad feature on the ONUS application, select Heroes TD project, and press “Claim.” You will also get the remaining ONUS tokens.

About Heroes TD and HTD token

Heroes TD is a Free-to-Play or Play-to-Earn 3D GameFi built with Heroes Metaverse, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their own bases. Besides participating in battles, users can collect in-game NFT items and trade them with other players on the NFT marketplace to earn profits.

HTD is the primary token of the Heroes TD ecosystem, used to participate in in-game activities, buy assets on the Marketplace, and summon new Heroes. HTD can be earned through Play-to-Earn activities in the game. Users can also stake HTD to receive rewards while waiting for the game to launch.