Announcement: AceStarter re-inspection

Dear Customer,

Recently, the AceStarter project was directly appraised by the ONUS team and passed the ONUS Voting round. However, the AceStarter team then proposed to adjust and implement major updates compared to the initially validated model.

Several updates from AceStarter:

  • Converting the form of fundraising, allowing IDO and Private sales tokens to have the same price and be unlocked 100% at TGE.
  • Adjust Tokenomics and IDO timing across platforms.
  • Adjustment of launchpad offering price for ASTAR tokens.

Based on these changes, ONUS will conduct a re-evaluation of the entire AceStarter project to ensure the quality of the projects introduced to the community. After the re-evaluation, ONUS will make an official announcement to the community within the next 7 days with the following contents:

  • Re-inspection results.
  • The detailed Launchpad plan (if it passes the re-evaluation) includes: Time, opening price, sale method, token unlocking route, feature opening schedule,…
  • AceStarter specific updates compared to previous versions.

Thank you to the community for always following and supporting the projects on ONUS.

Best regards,

ONUS team.