Announcement: BDS Delisting Plan

Dear customers, 

At ONUS, we will periodically evaluate each listed digital asset, to ensure transparency and safety for our customers’ investment choices, especially new investors. When a project no longer meets ONUS standards, we will conduct an assessment to issue a warning or delist. We believe this best protects all of our customers and ONUS image.

Accordingly, after evaluating the BDS project, we conclude that the current project does not meet the requirements from ONUS:

  • Token inflation rate is too high.
  • There is no guarantee of liquidity at ONUS.
  • The current price is significantly lower than the initial selling price.
  • The product development progress is not consistent according to the roadmap.

Therefore, ONUS will proceed to delist BDS as this plan:

  1. At 13 UTC on March 20, 2022, ONUS will close the BDS on-chain transaction into ONUS and suspend the features: Off-Chain, P2P, Credit Line.
  2. Within 30 days from the date of announcement, users who hold BDS Tokens please withdraw On-chain to Blockchain wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Kai Wallet or BDS’s own application).
  3. After 30 days from this announcement (3:00 UTC on April 19, 2022), ONUS will officially close all BDS transactions and users will not be able to withdraw BDS from the system.

This notice has been sent to and agreed with the BDS development team (BDS Holding LLC). To make inquiries regarding the holding of BDS, please contact the BDS development team directly with the information below:

Delisting is a recurring activity of ONUS in an effort to build a digital asset investment environment by promoting transparency and long-term, sustainable growth.

Best regards,

ONUS team.