Announcement: Delisting AIDOGE1BVNDC on ONUS Futures Pro

Since the AIDOGE1BVNDC pair does not meet the trading standards at ONUS Pro, the team will delist this future trading pair.

Detailed plan:

At 03:00 AM UTC on July 15, 2023: Stop trading

  • ONUS Pro will suspend trading for the AIDOGE1BVNDC trading pair, stop accepting requests to open new positions. 
  • The profit and loss of open positions will be calculated according to Mark Price at this time.
  • After this time, users cannot adjust position (margin adjustment, volume, leverage, SL/TP). ONUS Pro recommends users close their positions before this time to limit risks.

At 05:00 AM UTC on July 15, 2023: Delisting

  • The system will automatically close all open AIDOGE1BVNDC positions at the Mark Price at 05:00 AM UTC on July 15, 2023. Automatically cancel all pending orders and officially delist this trading pair.
  • User can close the order at any time before the time of delisting (using the Mark Price).

Best regards,

ONUS Pro team.