Announcement: Delisting and converting Bitback Coin (BBC)

According to the Bitback team’s announcement, the Bitback project will officially cease operations on January 20, 2023. To ensure the benefits for investors holding BBC, ONUS will officially delist BBC on the ONUS app and convert BBC to VNDC.

BBC delisting plan:

  • Starting at 09:30 AM UTC on January 20, ONUS will close all transactions for BBC, including Trading, Off-Chain, and On-Chain transactions.
  • Close Farming Pools for BBC. The amount of BBC in the farming pools will automatically unstake.
  • Your entire BBC balance will be automatically converted to VNDC at the rate of 1:129 (each 1 BBC converts to 129 VNDC) within 7 working days of this announcement.

To make inquiries and update project information, please contact Bitback’s community support team directly on Bitback’s Fanpage before January 31, 2023. 

Best regards,

ONUS team.