Announcement: Delisting and converting VNC token (VNCT)

VNC token (VNCT) is a warrant secured by Trustpay shares and other assets, including VNC fund certificates belonging to VNC Innovative Startup Investment Fund. As the VNC fund is in the process of ending its operations in Vietnam, to ensure the benefits for investors holding VNCT, ONUS will officially delist VNCT on the ONUS app and convert it to VNDC.

VNCT delisting plan:

  • Starting at 11:00 on January 7, ONUS will close all transactions for VNCT.
  • Your entire VNCT balance will be automatically converted to VNDC at the rate of 1:10000 (each 1 VNCT converts to 10,000 VNDC).
  • The amount of VNCT in the farming pools will automatically unstake and convert to VNDC at the rate of 1:10000.
  • VNCT mortgage loans will be automatically settled and converted into VNDC at the rate of 1:10000 (users should make payment before the conversion is done).

Best regards,

ONUS team.