Announcement: Deposit/Withdrawal Maintenance for BAMI

According to Bami’s announcement, this project will perform the smart contract migration and update new tokenomics on March 13, 2022.

Specific updates:

  • BAMI tokens are migrated to the new Smart Contract at the rate of 10:1 (for public sales tokens) and 7:1 (for private sales tokens).
  • New vesting schedule for BAMI token published here.
  • BAMI’s new smart contract: 0xe2d3486f46EFBd4199ea087E9e466dCC35EE0248 (BEP-20)

To support the transition, ONUS will maintain all features for the BAMI token, the specific process is as follows:

  • 13:00 UTC on March 13, 2022: Suspend all features for BAMI tokens: Off-chain transactions, On-chain transactions, Exchange, P2P transactions, Credit Line.
  • 13:00 UTC on March 16, 2022: Complete the conversion to the new BAMI token at the rate mentioned above. Reopen Off-chain Trading, Exchange, P2P Trading, Credit Line features for BAMI.
  • 13:00 UTC on March 17, 2022: Reopening On-chain transactions for BAMI (BEP20).

About Bami and token BAMI

Bami Pawn Shop is a digital asset collateral mortgage platform, especially NFT. Bami offers many attractive features such as NFT-backed loans, Clearance market, Launchpad, Lending and Membership to increase value. as well as liquidity for the NFT market and provide optimal financial solutions for users.



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