Announcement: Disable USDO feature

USDO is a special coin backed by BUSD. Since the BUSD stablecoin is on hold, the USDO product will stop accepting USDO V1 mints while also preparing for the V2 upgrade plan.

Accordingly, the USDO utility on the ONUS application will also be temporarily suspended, specifically as follows:

  1. Disable mint & redeem USDO feature
  • 11:00 UTC September 22: Disable USDO mints. Users cannot use BUSD, USDT or VNDC to mint USDO.
  • 17:00 UTC September 23: Disable USDO redemption. Users cannot burn USDO to receive BUSD, USDT, or VNDC.

Before 17:00 UTC on September 23, users who own USDO on the ONUS application can redeem to BUSD, USDT, or VNDC. After this time, users can redeem at Refer to the instructions here.

  1. Disable USDO – VNDC Farming Pool (30 days)

Farming Pool USDO – VNDC (30 days) will officially stop operating from September 22, 2023.