Announcement: ONUS Pro Server Maintenance Plan

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the infrastructure server service provider for ONUS Pro, will be performing scheduled maintenance from 18:00 on July 14th to 22:00 on July 14th (UTC).

During the same timeframe, ONUS Pro will also undergo a minimum maintenance period of 30 minutes, which may extend up to 4 hours depending on AWS maintenance schedule.

During the maintenance period, users will not be able to perform operations on open positions or open new positions. Therefore, ONUS would like to inform users to plan their management accordingly.

Important notes:

User’s positions will still be maintained throughout the maintenance process and resume operation when maintenance is completed. However, after the maintenance, open positions may be exposed to certain risks due to price fluctuations during the maintenance period. Therefore, ONUS advises users to:

  • Close positions before the upgrade period.
  • If users wish to maintain open positions through the maintenance period, it is recommended to set Take Profit/Stop Loss (using marked prices) to limit risks.
  • ONUS Pro does not support any losses resulting from price changes in trading pairs during the maintenance period. Users should have pre-planned measures in place to manage their risks.
  • For any unforeseen issues requiring assistance, users are requested to submit a support ticket for further assistance.