Announcement: Support investors joining Ameta (APLUS) Launchpad

On October 7, 2022, project Ameta (APLUS) was introduced to the community through ONUS Launchpad. Despite the efforts of the Ameta team in developing the product, Ameta (APLUS) failed to meet its goal of recovering the Launchpad prices within three months.

To ensure the benefits of investors participating in Ameta (APLUS) Launchpad, ONUS announced the following handling plan:

  1. Close the Trading feature for APLUS tokens from 08:00 AM UTC on January 7th.

Users can still use the following features for APLUS:

  • Off-chain transactions
  • On-chain Transactions (BEP20)
  • P2P Transactions
  1. Update funds from Ameta project’s total account:
  • Ameta remaining amount after paying farming reward and buy back token: 958,150,336 VNDC
  • Remaining amount in the liquidity pool: 664,174,412 VNDC
  • Total amount to buy back token: 1,622,324,748 VNDC
  1. ONUS supports buying back 100% of the amount of APLUS tokens users buy from Launchpad without having done any transactions: Sell via Trading or P2P, Send on-chain, Send off-chain (until 08:00 AM UTC on January 7th). Users staking APLUS in farming pools will be eligible for buyback support and the Farming rewards will be revoked.
  • Total buy back amount: 1,622,324,748 VNDC.
  • Total number of valid APLUS: 7,751,426 APLUS
  • Buyback fee: 1.75%, corresponding to the amount ONUS paid to the referrer.
  • Corresponding exchange rate: 1 APLUS = 205 VNDC
  • List of users eligible for support: List

ONUS will return this amount to valid accounts within 10 working days of this announcement.


User bought 10,000 APLUS through ONUS Launchpad, then sent 500 APLUS off-chain, sold 1500 APLUS via Trading or P2P Trading, sent 3000 APLUS on-chain. ONUS will support the user to buy back the amount of APLUS:

10,000 APLUS – 500 APLUS – 1500 APLUS – 3000 APLUS = 5000 APLUS. Corresponding to 1,025,000 VNDC.