Announcement: Supporting ONUS Vip Membership NFT Conversion

ONUS VIP Membership NFT is the NFT that identifies VIP users in the ONUS ecosystem. In response to user requests, ONUS will support investors to convert their ONUS VIP Membership NFT into ONUS Coin.

Please keep in mind that the number of ONUS Coin users used to mint NFTs is non-recoverable. To support users, ONUS will deduct a part of the Marketing budget to implement the ONUS VIP membership NFT conversion program.


To register to convert ONUS Vip Membership NFT into ONUS Coin, please do as follow:

  1. Make sure you own ONUS Vip Membership NFT on the ONUSChain network. If you are owning NFT on the BEP20 network, please claim your ONUSChain network NFT at:
  2. Send ONUS Vip Membership NFT to the ONUS application according to the ONUSChain network On-chain address.
  3. Complete the form:
  4. ONUS will verify the information and convert NFT into 1000 ONUS, this amount will automatically be staked into Pool 90 days at the ONUS Shares feature. Investors will receive full benefits of ONUS Shares members.


  • The deadline to receive the conversion request is 09:00 on June 8, 2023. After this time, ONUS will not accept any conversion requests.
  • Investors who are storing NFT on the BEP20 network will not be able to send it to ONUS. Please mint NFT on the ONUSChain network according to the instructions below, then send NFT to the ONUS application via the ONUSChain network.


  1. How to claim ONUS Vip Membership NFT on ONUSChain

If you own ONUS Vip Membership NFT on the BNB Chain network, you can claim ONUS Vip Membership NFT on ONUSChain to receive the same benefits by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open a DeFi wallet (RICE Wallet, Metamask, …). Select ONUSChain network. Go to DApp and access ONUS Swap at:

Step 2: Go to options, select NFTs

Step 3: Select Claim and confirm to complete.

  1. How to import NFT on Metamask 

Step 1: Select Import NFTs

Step 2: Enter the address ONUS VIP Membership NFT

Step 3: Enter your NFT ID

Step 4: Import successfully, NFT displayed

Note: To find your NFT ID, you can go to, find the ID by your wallet address (Press Ctrl + F to find).

  1. How to send NFT to the ONUS application

Step 1: Select the NFT you want to send and select Send

Step 2: Copy the wallet address received at the ONUS App

Step 3: Enter the receiving address

Step 4: Select Send