Announcement: Upgrade ONUS Download Link with Referral Code

To help users and partners more easily invite friends to use ONUS, we are officially upgrading the Referral Link feature with embedded referral codes starting from April 17, 2024.

**Please update the app to version 5.3.0 to experience this feature.

Upgrade ONUS Download Link with Referral Code

The structure of the Referral Link with referral code will change as follows:

  • Old version:
  • New version:

In the new version, the “yyyyyyyyyy” tail is the referral code of the referrer instead of random characters as before.

Note: After the update, the old version of the Referral Link will still function normally. Users and partners can continue to use both links to invite friends.

Advantages of the New ONUS Download Link with Referral Code

  • Shorter and more memorable link
  • Reduces the number of steps for new users
  • Completely eliminates the risk of referrers losing their referral link with their friends

With the new version, the app download experience will be smoother and more seamless:

  • Step 1: Click on the Referral Link. The system will automatically redirect you to the app store.
  • Step 2: Download the app.
  • Step 3: The system will automatically insert the referrer’s code during registration. New users can proceed to register for an account as usual.

How to Get the Referral Link

Step 1: Go to Settings, select Referral.

Step 2: Choose “Invite Friends”.

Step 3: Copy the “Link to Download App (Code Attached)” to invite friends to download ONUS.