Announcement: VNDC Restructuring

Dear investors and VNDC community,

After more than 18 months, since the first introduction on the Apps Store & Google Play Store on March 23, 2020, VNDC Wallet has made rapid development steps and gradually become one of the best digital asset investment applications in Vietnam, with more than 1.5 million users.

At the beginning, VNDC Wallet was founded with the goal of popularizing VNDC Stablecoin, making it easy for Vietnamese people to buy popular cryptocurrencies in the world with Vietnam’s own Stablecoin. As time passes, VNDC Wallet has gradually become an investment application that everyone can access. VNDC Wallet has eliminated the barriers of currency borders, unnecessary complexity of investment knowledge, and minimum capital. In other words, this helps more than 1.5 million users have a chance to invest in finance equally. Everyone can start the journey of finance and cryptocurrency investment with VNDC wallet.

With the desire to build great products, VNDC Wallet aspires to become an investment application for all Vietnamese people and users in many other countries, especially in developing countries, where investment and enrichment tools are focused solely on a small number of people who have a social advantage.

With new missions and visions, VNDC announced the VNDC restructuring plan to prepare for a new growth phase, intending to reach 10 million users by 2023.

More specifically, VNDC will be separated into two separate business segments, with independent missions and strategies, and operated by two separate entities.

Firstly, Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan, the founder of the VNDC platform will be in charge of VNDC Stablecoin – the first stablecoin of Vietnamese people, issued by VNDC Holding PTE. LTD, to make VNDC an intermediary digital asset for Vietnamese investors when trading on the international market, like USDC/USDT of the USD.

Secondly, the VNDC Wallet investment application will be managed by Mr. Tran Quang Chien, the founder and product director of VNDC Wallet. Mr.Chien will directly implement all reform plans for VNDC Wallet, which are:

  • Rebuilding VNDC Wallet with a new brand of ONUS, building an ecosystem of ONUS and ONUS Token (replacing the old token, VIDB).
  • Upgrading VNDC Wallet 2.0 app and renaming it to the ONUS app.
  • Optimizing the entire operation of the ONUS ecosystem, improving the quality of customer service.
  • Making ONUS the leading financial investment app for developing countries, starting from Vietnam, aims to equalize financial investment opportunities for everyone. The goal is to reach 10 million users by 2023.

About Tran Quang Chien, CEO of ONUS

Mr. Tran Quang Chien has joined VNDC since January 1, 2020 as a product manager with the main task of implementing the technical and developing product. His management style is drastic, detailed, directly creating the smallest modules, and listening to feedback from users. He set out to build digital asset storage and investment product that was easy and convenient for everyone to use from the start. He is the chief architect behind the design and development of VNDC Wallet to become the leading digital asset investment application in Vietnam today, with more than 1.5 million downloads on all platforms in just 18 months.