BAMI Migration Completed

According to Bami’s announcement, this project performed the smart contract migration and updated new tokenomics on March 13, 2022.

In response to the transition, ONUS has halted all trading in BAMI assets. Now, the migration is complete. The entire amount of BAMI tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically migrated to the new Smart Contract at the ratio of 10:1 (for public sales tokens) and 7:1 (for private sales tokens).

New vesting schedule for BAMI token published here, with some important notes:

  • Private Sale: 6% unlocked at TGE, 3-month cliff, then linear release in 19 months.
  • Public Sale: 25% unlocked at TGE, then 25% each month.

Starting from 01:45 PM UTC, March 16th, ONUS reopens Off-chain Trading, Exchange, P2P Trading features for BAMI.

Starting from 01:00 PM UTC, March 17th, ONUS will reopen On-chain transactions for BAMI (BEP20).

About Bami and BAMI Token

Bami Pawn Shop is a digital asset collateral mortgage platform, especially NFT. Bami offers many attractive features such as NFT-backed loans, Clearance market, Launchpad, Lending, and Membership to increase value. as well as liquidity for the NFT market and provide optimal financial solutions for users.



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