Basic Guide 01: An Overview of ONUS

Welcome to Basic Guides, a collection of articles developed to help you learn everything about the ONUS app, packed with numerous valuable instructions for beginners. The ONUS Basic Guide series will introduce you to the application’s incredible capabilities and offer a path for you to begin investing and profiting with ONUS.

Basic Guide 01 will provide a complete overview of the ONUS app, introducing you to the features offered by ONUS and assisting you in shaping the strategies you can use to invest and gain profit.

Make Passive Income 

At first, allocating your capital will be a little challenging. Thus, ONUS recommends that you begin with Passive Income features, which include the following:

  • Staking Daily: A feature that compensates users for keeping coins/tokens on the ONUS app. Begin holding VNDC on ONUS to earn compound interest at a rate of 12.79 percent per year, paid daily to your account.
  • Farming: A feature that enables players to deposit assets into the Pool in exchange for incentives. 

Invest and Manage your digital assets

As an investment app, ONUS focuses on building many features that make investing easy, simple to understand and manage.

  • Exchange: This feature enables you to purchase and sell Bitcoin and over 200 other digital assets in a matter of seconds with only a few steps.
  • Invest: Assists you with monitoring the market, maintaining portfolios of digital assets, and managing investment activity. Keep track of your costs and always be aware of your profit/loss ratio. Assists you in swiftly determining which tokens to buy/sell.
  • Auto invest: Pre-set a plan to invest in a digital asset and the system will automatically execute. This feature helps users to accumulate digital assets regularly in the long-term, applicable to all digital assets on ONUS application.
  • Take Profit/Stop Loss: Maximize profit or reduce loss by automatically exiting a trade as soon as the asset’s price reaches a user-set price.

Transactions within and outside the system

Through these two features, ONUS allows you to transact both within and outside of the system:

  • Off-chain transaction: You can send/receive assets with other ONUS users.
  • On-chain transaction: You can send digital assets to platforms/wallets other than ONUS and vice versa. You can also receive assets transferred from other platforms to the ONUS application.

Other features

ONUS is committed to continuously improving your experience by introducing new tools to help you make better investment decisions. Following are some features you should not miss:

  • P2P transaction: A feature that allows for the purchase/sale of digital assets at a price set by other sellers. You can place an order to sell the asset at any time, regardless of the market price.
  • Launchpad: A feature that allows you to purchase newly issued tokens at a pre-listed opening price.
  • For You: Suggestions to help you maximize the efficiency of your investments. Market news will be constantly updated for you to follow.
  • My Partner: A feature that connects customers to ONUS business partners.
  • Credit Line: A feature that enables users to create loans using digital assets in order to maximize investment efficiency.

Investing the time to learn about these features on ONUS will allow you to take full advantage of their capabilities. We hope that the information provided gives you the confidence to begin investing.

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