Basic Guide 08: When you need help

To help you always feel reliable, safe, and enthusiastic support during the transaction process, ONUS’ Customer Service team will always be with you. Basic Guide 08 will guide you on how to get support quickly, accurately, and safely when problems arise during the product experience.

Specifically, if you have any problems or questions, you can contact ONUS through:

1. ONUS Help Center

ONUS has compiled a set of user manuals and frequently asked questions at the ONUS Help Center. You can look up the problem you’re having to get detailed, specific instructions.

For more complex and personal issues, please submit a support request to ONUS.

2. Submit a support request (Ticket)

A ticket is a support request that helps you record information about the problem you are facing and send it to the ONUS Customer Service team for resolution. Sending a ticket ensures security, saves time and allows you to track the status of problem resolution using the ticket code.

You can submit tickets right on the app: On the main, choose Settings, scroll down to “Others” and select “Help Center”. Here, you click Create Ticket and fill in the information, including the title (the problem you are having), a description, and attach an image (optional) for the support team to review quickly.

3. Contact ONUS

Don’t forget that the ONUS team is always here to listen and answer your questions. Contact ONUS at:

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