Basic Guide 09: Become a VIP with many benefits

To enhance account security and protect users from scammers while also increasing the advantages for loyal customers, ONUS has implemented a VIP account policy. This is the policy for rating user accounts, including adjustments to the transaction limit for each level.

The benefits of upgrading to a VIP account

  • When you complete advanced KYC and become a VIP 2, you will be able to access all features on ONUS.
  • The higher your VIP level, the greater your transaction limit for the following features: Token purchases on Launchpad, VNDC purchases and sales, P2P transactions, on-chain transactions, and exchange.
  • Some fees are waived or reduced: Fees for on-chain transactions and direct VNDC selling.
  • Along with several other advantages that are constantly being added.

How to upgrade to a VIP account

You must first complete Basic Authentication to become VIP 1, and complete KYC Advanced to become VIP 2. Starting with VIP 3 and higher, you must meet both of the following requirements at the same time to advance to the next VIP level:

  • A minimum trading volume requirement for 30 days.
  • A margin requirement for ONUS. To perform a VIP upgrade, you must deposit (temporarily lock) an amount of ONUS.

On the app, you can automatically upgrade or downgrade your VIP status. The conditions for your next VIP upgrade can be found in the ONUS app’s “VIP Level” section.

Furthermore, you can become an ONUS Business Partner to receive special benefits and profit-sharing from ONUS. See Basic Guide 10: Become a Business Partner for more information.

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