Basic Guide 12: How to participate in ONUS Launchpad

ONUS Launchpad is a platform that helps connect potential blockchain projects with the community by selling project tokens to investors. The following article will provide you with enough knowledge to help you understand the essential terms, the major phases of the Launchpad event, and some important notes.

Major phases of the Launchpad event

ONUS Voting

After being appraised by the ONUS team, all projects must pass the community voting round within 24 hours before being officially opened for sale. This is to create a democratic and transparent environment for all ONUS users and users who own ONUS Tokens.

Determine buy options

Maximum buy options are the total amount of ONUS you can use to buy the Launchpad project’s token, determined by the total amount of ONUS Lock (Margin) and ONUS in ONUS Shares before the Subscription. 


ONUS will announce when you can start to subscribe. Orders usually take place within one day. After that, the amount of ONUS you register will be loaded into the Launchpad pool of the token being offered for sale. This amount of ONUS will be temporarily locked and reopened after the token allocation process.

Token Allocation

After the end of the subscription period, the ONUS system will finalize your order amount and deploy the token allocation. You will be distributed a number of tokens equivalent to the ONUS rate you staked into that token’s Launchpad pool.

Claim Token

The amount of successfully purchased tokens will be automatically transferred to your account at the specified time in the schedule. You need to access the Launchpad feature to get your remaining ONUS back.

Notes when participating in Launchpad

  • Launchpad participation is only available to level VIP 2 and above.
  • According to the policy of each project, you will receive tokens and the remaining amount of ONUS according to the conventional time of the project’s developer (ONUS will announce before Launchpad).
  • You will buy tokens successfully, but the purchase volume will depend on the allocation rate. You may not be able to purchase with the total amount of ONUS deposited, and the system will refund the remaining ONUS.
  • The policy to unlock the token (unlock) or open the exchange transaction, P2P, and On-chain deposit will depend on the developer. Investors should carefully research this information before registering to buy.
  • The ONUS Team will endeavor to find the best projects for investors. However, ONUS does not guarantee any terms as to whether the token will increase or decrease in price. It is entirely dependent on the Supply/Demand ratio of the market. We hope you understand and research carefully before registering to participate in any project on the ONUS Launchpad.
  • Launchpad projects on ONUS are all released by ONUS partners. ONUS is an intermediary platform to support the token sales procedure.