Basic Guide 13: P2P Trading

Besides trading digital assets through the Exchange feature, you can also buy and sell through the P2P Trading (peer-to-peer) feature.

P2P trading is a feature that allows you to create orders to buy and sell digital assets with desired Quantity and Rate without depending on the market price. At the same time, you can also choose to match other users’ preset orders.

For example, you have 1000 ONUS. You want to sell ONUS at 18,000 VNDC, but the market price is currently at 16,000 VNDC. Instead of watching the market continuously and waiting for the target price, you can Create a P2P order to sell 1000 ONUS at 18,000 VNDC. The order will show up in the ONUS token P2P list. You will receive a notification from the system when other users match your order.

How to create P2P orders

How to match P2P orders

Users staking from 100 ONUS to ONUS Shares will be free when creating P2P buy/sell orders and apply fees according to the Fee Structure when matching P2P orders placed by others. Order creation and P2P order matching fees are updated at: ONUS Fee Structure.