Basic Guide: How to receive Referral Rewards

“Sharing is caring” – That’s human nature. A great book, a funny video, or a good product; we always get the joy of sharing those with others. But what if I tell you that you can get more than just joy when inviting someone to ONUS?

Today, we will show you guys how to experience a new way of earning crypto without trading by inviting your friends to join the ONUS community. For every new user successfully referred to ONUS, the referrer will receive a bonus of 35,000 VNDC ~ 1.5 USDT.

  • No referral limits – You can refer as many friends as you want; you and your friends will each be rewarded upon meeting the requirements.
  • Bonus credited instantly – Referrer and Referee will receive their rewards immediately once all conditions are met.

Conditions to be counted as one successful referral: Users share the referral link or referral ID available at the “Referral” feature in-app to invite friends to register for an ONUS account and complete Advanced KYC. The referral link would look like this:

How to refer new users and receive referral bonuses? A Step-by-Step guide

Step 1: At the main screen of the ONUS application, go to [Settings] in the top left corner, then select [Referral].

Step 2: Select [Get a referral code]. Copy, then share the referral link with your friends. The referral code is the same as your ONUS username ID and can be added later if your friends sign up in the ONUS application, not with your referral link.

Step 3: After signing up with your referral link like the form below, your friends will receive 200,000 VNDC or 10 USDT as a sign-up bonus and 01 turn of Get Free Crypto when logging into the ONUS app for the first time.

Your friends can check if you are their partner or not by going to [My Partner] in the [Settings].

You can also check your referral’s status by going to [Settings] – [Referral] – [View all].

Step 4: After your friends successfully verified KYC, in their profile, the account type section will be “Individual” with a tick in a round orange. You will also get 01 turn of Get Free Crypto after that.

Step 5: After depositing at least 10 USDT to pass Advanced KYC, in your friends’ profile, the account type section will be “Individual (trusted)” with a tick in a round green. You can also check it out in the Referral setting about their KYC status.

Your friends’ Advanced KYC requests will be automatically reviewed and approved after the successful deposit. Once their Advanced KYC is verified, you will receive notification of about 35,000 VNDC from ONUS Commission.

To know how to deposit to pass Advanced KYC, please visit: How to pass Advanced KYC.

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