Brand new ONUS Launchpad Policy 

Launchpad is a platform to help connect potential blockchain projects with the community by selling project tokens to investors. This is also one of the viral and attractive features of the crypto market.

The following article will provide you with complete knowledge to help you understand the critical terms and stages that will take place in a Launchpad program.

What is the right to purchase? 

The right to purchase is the deciding factor: You will own the maximum number of tokens available for that Launchpad project, which is determined by the total amount of ONUS Lock (Margin) and the amount of ONUS in your ONUS Shares prior to the open registration to buy. 

Stages of a Launchpad Program

Round of community voting 

After being selected and evaluated by the ONUS team, all Launchpad projects must pass the community voting round within 24 hours before being officially opened for sale. This is done to create a democratic and transparent environment for all ONUS users and ONUS Token holders. 

Identify the maximum purchase right

Launchpad will go live after the community vote approves the project with a majority agreement rate. The ONUS Shares feature will immediately determine your maximum purchasing power. 

Register to purchase it

ONUS will notify you when you can begin subscribing. Orders are usually processed within one day. The amount of ONUS you registered will then be loaded into the Launchpad pool of the token being sold. This amount of ONUS will be temporarily locked and reopened once the token allocation process is completed. 

Token Distribution 

Following the end of the subscription period, the ONUS system will finalize your order amount and allocate tokens. You will be given the number of tokens equal to the ONUS rate you staked into the Launchpad pool for that token. 

Get Tokens

When ONUS has finished allocating tokens, please open the Launchpad page on the app and press the Get button to receive the offered tokens as well as the remaining amount of ONUS. In the upcoming update, ONUS will implement the policy of automatically paying tokens to investors based on the policy rather than having to receive from Launchpad. 

Notes on Joining Launchpad 

  • Only VIP level 2 and above are eligible to participate in the Launchpad. 
  • Depending on the project’s policy, you will receive the token and the remaining amount of ONUS after the standard project time (about 1-2 days). 
  • You will undoubtedly purchase tokens, but the amount will be determined by the allocation rate. You may be unable to make a purchase with the entire amount of ONUS deposited, in which case the system will refund the remaining ONUS. 
  • The developer will determine the policy for unlocking the token (unlock) or the time of opening the P2P exchange transaction. Before registering to buy, investors should thoroughly research this information. 

The ONUS Team will work tirelessly to find the best projects. However, ONUS makes no guarantees as to whether the token’s price will rise or fall at any point after the sale; it is entirely dependent on the exchange rate, the market’s supply/demand ratio. We hope you understand and conduct thorough research before registering to participate in any Launchpad project.