Brand new ONUS Referral Program

To grow the customer community and introduce more people to the ONUS values. Today, ONUS would like to make the following announcement: Update the new reward policy for all members who join the ONUS app.

As a result, the policy has been specifically modified as follows:

1. New user reward policy

Users will receive a reward of 200,000 VNDC (for Vietnamese) or 10 USDT (for other nations) to receive overnight interest as soon as they open an account and log into the ONUS app for the first time, according to the new policy (instead of requiring KYC as before).

After 365 days, the system will fully unlock the reward (no trading volume required). Users will earn 12.79 percent compound interest per year with VNDC, or 6.2% per year with USDT, receive bonus on a daily basis, and can withdraw at any time.

However, if the customer does not complete the advanced KYC within 3 months or does not have an exchange transaction within 6 months of the account opening date, ONUS will revoke the reward.

2. Referral reward policy

In addition to updating the new user reward policy, ONUS revised the reward program for both partners and users who successfully refer a new user to ONUS.

Following a successful referral, referrers will receive a reward of 35,000 VNDC ~ $1.5 and 01 Free Crypto. In addition, senior partners, regional partners, and national partners will receive a bonus reward as well (according to ONUS Partner policy).

Referrers will receive referral bonuses if the new user is Vietnamese and completes basic KYC or referees from countries other than Vietnam complete advanced KYC by making an on-chain deposit of USDT, BUSD, BTC, ETH, BNB, KAI, TRX or SOL worth of 10 dollar or more.

ONUS hopes that these changes will make it easier for everyone to spread ONUS’s values throughout the community. We hope you have a wonderful experience with ONUS!

The most recent ONUS policies will be available at