Brand Story 01: A Story about ONUS

Platforms like Robinhood, Coinbase, and Binance have succeeded in bringing about so-called financial democratization during the 4.0 digital revolution. However, the majority of people still have no idea how to invest in stocks, let alone how to use Blockchain technology. It is nearly impossible for people in developing countries such as Vietnam, Africa, and South America to access and trade Bitcoin. So:

  • How can a young Vietnamese with little funds in the early years of hard work replicate it to build a new business?
  • How can Zambian farmers with zero investment knowledge still earn passive income to ensure their security and improve their lives?
  • Broader: How can everyone, regardless of profession, expertise, or location, have equal access to investment opportunities and become wealthy?

Looking ahead, ONUS envisions a society in which everyone has equal access to financial resources. ONUS sees a world where wealth-building tools are no longer limited to a small group of individuals or a few countries but are available to everyone, from the most underprivileged to the farthest corners of the Earth.

ONUS’s mission is to fight inequality in access to the means of wealth and to put the investment power of new technologies within everyone’s reach by:

  • Developing user-friendly, secure digital financial investment solutions that everyone can use.
  • Removing investment barriers such as monetary boundaries, needless complexity in investment knowledge, and minimum capital requirements.

Because it is the only way to make everyone’s life more prosperous and happy, and as a result, everyone will enjoy a brighter and more egalitarian future.