Brand Story 02: Logo Meaning and ONUS Philosophy


In July 2021, VNDC launched an Airdrop campaign on Twitter to explore foreign markets. The reception went beyond the team’s expectations, with more than 140,000 downloads in a month, mainly from Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and even the US.

The fact that just after only 18 months, the application had reached 1.5 million users was unbelievable to some extent. At that time, the company’s MKT director proposed to change the brand identity, expressing the desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world. The CEO got right to the point with a question:

“Rebranding is only the outer layer. If adjustments are required, we must begin with the product. Whether we Vietnamese can develop a product that is competitive enough to compete in the same markets as those in Vietnam is the appropriate and adequate question to ask.”

Soon, the big decision was made. A project brought together the company’s top individuals, the young people, who shared the same vision for a wonderful product. The CEO requested that the goal be fulfilled in two months.

“Vietnamese users are very hard to please. Let us begin by conquering the Vietnamese people if we want to conquer the world. We will lose at home sooner or later if we keep doing what we’re doing now.”

The team kept working together, debating, and arguing; Zoom/Google Meet screens were on all day. They were determined to work two or three times as much as usual to accelerate the growth. And on the day the product was released, the team had a video call, laughing as the day the whole country announced the end of social distancing. The close spirit, rapid judgments, and unwavering backing of the senior leadership were key elements in the ONUS achieving its objectives.

Once you have a product, think of a new name and logo. This needs to be invested.

ONUS will be at the vanguard of the industry’s image investment, which is practically unprecedented. The CEO’s view is consistent and drastic, in which we must meet or exceed international standards to compete fairly. The media team has shortlisted the top domestic and international agency names. An agency must meet the criteria of having a vision and, more importantly, comprehending the company’s philosophy.

Eventually, BnA was the one, whose CEO was formerly Richard Moore’s Art Director. Four to five meetings are held continuously. PayX, Phoenix, SpendX, and other similar names are not particularly impressive. It must be popular, meaningful to us, and puts the welfare of the community first. A company that is successful first is being a good listener.

Everyone was taken aback by the name ONUS, which came so naturally. ONUS is a combination of 2 words, “on us”. US is not just ONUS; US is all of us. Later, ONUS products and features will seek feedback from the community, listen, and improve. We have a caring CEO with a progressive mindset. The products are associated with the leader’s spirit and philosophy, who is always thoughtful and open to community comments.

The meaningful circular logo

ONUS is an acronym that stands for Open Nation for Universal Success. It gives everyone equal opportunities in investment tools. Investing is no longer only a tool for the wealthy; everyone can participate. Looking ahead, we see the ONUS logo as more than just a symbol connected with the brand; it will also be the image of ONUS on worldwide charts.

The circular ONUS logo, which stands for “coin,” represents the continual flow of money during each trading session. It is a sustainable accumulated value in the future, a bridge connecting investment. Blue means youth, freedom, modernism, and the product’s “technical” aspect.

Each person who uses ONUS or possesses even one ONUS coin is helping to build the foundation for the ONUS boat, which takes us to the world out there.

Thank you for your trust. Stay tuned for the following article about three characteristics of the ONUS in the series of Brand Stories.