Burn 10,000,000 ONUS on KardiaChain to deploy on Polygon

The Polygon network is growing in popularity by overcoming the limitations of Ethereum, such as transaction speed, scalability, and high gas fees.

To prepare for the expansion to the Polygon ecosystem, the team has officially released 10,000,000 ONUS on the Polygon blockchain network after burning the same amount on KardiaChain. This makes it easy for ONUS tokens to join supported platforms and ecosystems on the Polygon network.

Specifications of ONUS on Polygon:

ONUS burning transaction on KardiaChain: https://explorer.kardiachain.io/tx/0xc277f6529df63b89158e24c9a2be4c4f071260a316f0d8692fcc4b9d6db880cb/token-transfers 

About Polygon

Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain of Ethereum, which helps scale and improve existing problems on the Ethereum network, such as slow transaction speed, limited scalability, and high fees. Polygon enables smart contracts to be executed quickly, scalable, and autonomously. Commercially, Polygon’s sidechains are structurally designed to support many of the DeFi protocols available in the Ethereum ecosystem.

About ONUS token

ONUS Token is a utility token used in the entire ONUS ecosystem, including paying/reducing transaction fees, mortgage and repaying loans, participating in Staking/Farming, becoming a VIP user/business partner, participating in the program’s Launchpad, and voting on ONUS decisions.

ONUS’s smart contract has been thoroughly audited by Certik before officially deploying on blockchain networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, KardiaChain and Polygon.