Burning 02/2022: Buy back and burn 218,500 ONUS

As stated in the Whitepaper, to help increase the value of ONUS tokens and share revenue with investors, ONUS team commits to spending 20% of profit every month to buy back ONUS from the market and burn them until only 50% of the circulating supply remains.

According to this policy, in February 2022, ONUS used 20% of the revenue in January to buy back and burn ONUS tokens. Specifically, 218,500 ONUS (on the Binance Smart Chain network) have been burnt, equivalent to $140,495.5.

February, 2022 ONUS burn transaction details:  


To maintain transparency, all ONUS token burn transactions will be publicly updated at: https://goonus.io/en/ONUS.

About ONUS token

ONUS Token is a utility token used in the entire ONUS ecosystem, including paying/reducing transaction fees, mortgage and repaying loans, participating in Staking/Farming, becoming a VIP user/business partner, participating in the program’s Launchpad, and voting on ONUS decisions.

ONUS’s smart contract has been thoroughly audited by Certik before officially deploying on blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and KardiaChain.