BZRX Maintenance

According to the product repositioning strategy of bZx Protocol, the platform’s BZRX tokens will be swapped and redefined into OokiDAO (OOKI) tokens. The BZRX in circulation will be converted to OOKI at a 1:10 ratio (1 BZRX = 10 OOKI). 

To aid in this transition, ONUS will halt all trading in BZRX assets from 4 AM UTC on December 20th, 2021, until 4 AM UTC on December 24th, 2021. 

Customers cannot make on-chain deposits/withdrawals of BZRX during this time, nor can they purchase BZRX through the Exchange, P2P Trading, or other BZRX features. On December 24th, 2021, full functionality for BZRX assets will be restored.