Campaign Launch: 10,000 ONUS Ambassadors

The Partners team has consistently been the heart and driving force behind ONUS during our more than 3 years of development. Each Partner serves as an ambassador, aiding ONUS in its growth journey up to this very day. Many Partners have achieved exceptionally good monthly passive income through sharing ONUS’s transaction fees. Numerous Partners have remained dedicated for the long term, some even committing themselves full-time to supporting the ONUS community and ecosystem. We deeply appreciate the unwavering commitment and support of our Partners.

To develop the ONUS platform, finding and expanding the potential Partner team is crucial. Recognizing this, ONUS team is officially launching the “10,000 ONUS Ambassadors” campaign. With this campaign, ONUS has selected 10,000 members who will have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of a Partner for 90 days without the need for an ONUS deposit. Ambassadors will also join a dedicated community to receive support and insights from the ONUS team, enabling everyone to leverage their potential for earning passive income.

The 10,000 members selected are individuals who have gained extensive experience using ONUS products over an extended period, understanding the platform’s value and meeting the appropriate criteria to become a Partner, an Ambassador who will further empower ONUS to resonate strongly within the user community in Vietnam and in countries where ONUS is present.

Campaign Details

During the program, Ambassadors will become “Apprentice Partners” and receive all the benefits of a Partner (Broker).

  • Campaign launch date:October 10, 2023.
  • Users who meet the criteria will receive an invitation to join the program when logging into the application.

How to participate

Step 1: Open the ONUS app. Users who meet the criteria will receive an invitation to join the campaign.

Step 2: Press “Continue” to access the campaign. Here, you can monitor the following:

Policy: Commission rates for various types of transactions.

Members: A list of successfully referred friends.

Income: Your earned commission.

Step 3: Press “Invite friends” to introduce new users to ONUS. 

Suggestions for Ambassadors

Like other Partners, Ambassadors will directly experience ONUS products and features, assess their quality, and understand the value that the product provides. They can then introduce these benefits to new users and earn corresponding commission.

Here are some suggestions for Ambassadors:

  • Introduce and assist new users in opening ONUS accounts.
  • Support newcomers in understanding ONUS tools such as Staking Daily, Farming, Spot Trading, Futures Trading, ONUS Shares, and so on.
  • Guide new users on how to participate in ONUS events like the Referral Leaderboard, Spot Battle, ONUS Grand Prix, etc.
  • Share signals or other helpful information with users.