Cashback 10% for ONUS Shares members

In order to spread the ownership of ONUS coins and the benefits of ONUS Shares to everyone, starting from November 28, 2023, ONUS officially launched the campaign “Cashback 10% for ONUS Shares members”. When participating in the campaign, investors can own ONUS coins and participate in ONUS Shares with a 10% cashback.

Through this campaign, each user will have the opportunity to become an owner of the ONUS platform and receive a share of the profit from ONUS’s business.

Program rules

  • For every ONUS Coin purchase through the campaign, users will receive a 10% cashback.
  • Maximum cashback of 20,000,000 VNDC/person during the campaign period.
  • Refund in the form of VNDC Voucher, used to pay transaction fees at ONUS Pro.
  • The amount of ONUS after purchase will automatically be transferred to ONUS Shares, staked in the 365-day pool, and automatically participate in the current governance cycle. Users will receive profit sharing at the end of the cycle.


  • Users need to make an ONUS purchase from the campaign screen (instructions below) to receive the cashback.
  • All transactions are executed in the Trade feature, so it does not affect the supply and value of ONUS. Users can update the number of ONUS in circulation at  

Instructions to buy ONUS, receive a 10% cashback

Step 1: At the main screen, select the Cashback 10% event and read the program rules.

Step 2: Select Buy now. Enter the amount of ONUS you want to buy. Select “Preview” to see the exchange rate, ONUS amount, and expected cashback you’ll receive.

Step 3: Swipe to buy ONUS. The amount of ONUS purchased is automatically transferred to ONUS Shares, staked in the 365-day pool, and will automatically participate in ONUS Shares from the current cycle. You will receive 10% cashback, a maximum of 20,000,000 VNDC.

Step 4: Check your ONUS and vONUS amount at ONUS Shares.

Step 5: With the cashback received, you can use it to pay fees when trading Futures at ONUS Pro