Close KRC20 Deposit/Withdrawal for USDT

Due to unstable Bridge LP liquidity on Kaidex, starting at 14:00 UTC, March 15, 2022, ONUS will close On-chain trading for USDT under the KRC20 network.

Accordingly, customers will suspend sending and receiving USDT with other KRC20 platforms. Instead, customers can choose to deposit/withdraw On-chain for K-USDT. On-chain transactions for USDT by other networks are still operating normally: BEP20, ERC20, TRC20, SOL.

Users can now implement the following features for USDT:

  • Off-chain transaction: Send, receive USDT with other ONUS users.
  • On-chain transaction: Send, receive USDT with other platforms (BEP20, ERC20, TRC20, SOL).
  • P2P Transaction: Buy and sell USDT at the price offered by the order maker.
  • Exchange: Buy and sell USDT at market price.
  • Staking Daily: Get 6.2% APY overnight interest when storing from 10 USDT.
  • Farming: Get rewarded every day with a good rate.

Hope you have a great investment experience with ONUS.