Close ERC20 Deposit/Withdrawal for RICE Token

In order to support the Smart Contract conversion of RICE token, starting from 03:15 AM UTC, January 24th, 2022, ONUS will halt all On-chain transactions for RICE tokens over Ethereum (ERC20) network.

Customers are temporarily unable to Send/Receive RICE with an ERC20 platform outside the system. On-chain transactions for RICE over the BEP20 and KRC20 networks are still operating normally.

About RICE Wallet and RICE Token

Rice Wallet is a decentralized financial application that allows users to store and manage digital assets. At the same time, Rice Wallet makes it easier for investors to access the decentralized finance (DeFi) market through carefully selected financial applications (DApps) and intelligent UI/UX optimization: Stake, Swap, Invest, Pool… The Rice Wallet is oriented to be a product that helps customers explore the entire DeFi market from a single app.

RICE Token is a utility token built for use in the Rice Wallet application and the Rice Finance decentralized financial ecosystem, with the following uses:

  • RICE is a governance token, representing the decision-making power of holders. 
  • Reduce fees for users when making transactions on the application.
  • Use to pay rewards or pay fees. 
  • Use in DApps belonging to the Rice Financial Ecosystem ecosystem.