Close Exchange feature, Open P2P Trading for ADT tokens

Currently, in order to concentrate liquidity at the PancakeSwap exchange, the Dot Arcade project proposes to withdraw the ADT token liquidity on the ONUS application. To ensure the right of customers, the team would like to announce the plan to suspend trading for ADT tokens as follows:

  • Before 01:00 PM UTC on June 21st, users can still buy/sell ADT tokens through the Exchange feature.
  • After 7 days from this announcement, from 01:00 PM UTC on June 21st, ONUS will close the Exchange for ADT tokens. To support users to continue trading ADT, ONUS will enable the P2P Trading feature for this asset. Accordingly, users can create ADT buy/sell orders with other users on ONUS.

To make inquiries regarding the benefits of holding ADT and update project information, please contact the Dot Arcade community support team directly with the information below: