Close KRC20 Deposit/Withdrawal for DPET Token

Currently, Kaidex does not have the liquidity to convert DPET of Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network and KardiaChain KRC20 network. Therefore, from 15:00 UTC January 20, ONUS will close all On-chain transactions for DPET Tokens via Kardiachain network (KRC20), and only accept DPET deposits/withdrawals via Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

Now, customers can perform the following features for DPET Token:

  • Off-chain transaction: Send/receive DPET with other users on the ONUS system.
  • On-chain transaction: Send/receive DPET with another BEP20 network.
  • P2P transaction: Buy and sell DPET at the price offered by the order creator.
  • Exchange: Swap DPET at market price.

About My DeFi Pet and DPET token

My DeFi Pet is a blockchain game built by top game developers from the TopeBox and KardiaChain team, bringing an exciting experience of traditional virtual pet games combined with Modern DeFi features. Players can personalize their pets and use their pets to compete with other players. These pet characters are all NFTs and can be bought, sold, rated, and do related social media activities.

DPET Token is the cryptocurrency used in the DPET ecosystem. The DPET token is used in the following 4 main cases to create a value booster for itself: In-game currency, staking, governance, play-to-earn.