Complete Conversion of ANY to MULTI

According to the announcement of Anyswap, this project has made the rebrand of Anyswap (ANY) to Multichain (MULTI).

To aid in this transition, ONUS has halted all trading in ANY assets including Off-chain and Exchange. Now, the conversion is complete. The entire amount of ANY tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically converted to MULTI tokens at a ratio of 1:1 (1 ANY = 1 MULTI).

Starting from 08:00 AM UTC, April 6th, ONUS has reopened all features for MULTI tokens, including Off-chain and Exchange.

About Multichain and MULTI Token

Multichain (formerly Anyswap) is a decentralized exchange launched in July 2020 that allows users to swap tokens from different platforms, mine for liquidity, or use it as a cross-chain transaction bridge. Powered by the ECDSA Signature Support cryptographic algorithm and Fusion’s DRCM technology, Anyswap users’ private keys will be split and managed by different nodes. Transactions cannot happen without the signatures of all nodes. Anyswap can effectively manage the flow of tokens between blockchains without requiring any code changes to be made.

MULTI is a native token of the Anyswap ecosystem, operating on Ethereum according to ERC20 standard, and can be used to vote for proposals, Anyswap Working Nodes (AWN), and new coin/token listing,…