Complete Conversion of BTT to BTTC

Recently, in order to support the transition from BTT token to BTTC token according to BitTorrent’s repositioning plan, ONUS has performed feature maintenance for BTT token.

Now, the conversion is complete. Your BTT balance has been automatically updated to BTTC at a ratio of 1:1000 (1 BTT = 1,000 BTTC). ONUS has reopened the features applicable to BTTC assets: Off-chain Trading, Exchange.

Important notes:

  • Due to the BTTC-VNDC rate being very low (less than 1 VNDC), ONUS only opens Exchange for BTTC with the base currency USDT.
  • Please settle the BTT mortgage loan in the Credit Line feature. The balance of BTT after settlement will be automatically converted to BTTC within 1 day from the time of settlement.
  • Accounts possessing BTT balance but not yet KYC, please complete KYC and your BTT balance will be automatically converted to BTTC.

About BitTorrent and BTTC token

BitTorrent is one of the most famous file sharing platforms in the world. BitTorrent allows users to create content on its ecosystem, while connecting with viewers through Tokenomics, built on TRON’s blockchain. With an existing user base, after integrating blockchain technology, BitTorrent has become the world’s largest blockchain-based application. BTTC (formerly BTT) is a cryptocurrency operating in the BitTorrent network.