Complete conversion of NU and KEEP to Threshold token (T)

As planned, 02 projects NuCypher and Keep Network merged NU and KEEP tokens into Threshold Network token (T) at the rate: 1 NU = 3.26 T and 1 KEEP = 4.78 T on February 16, 2022.

In response to the conversion, ONUS has paused transactions for NU and KEEP, including: Off-chain Transactions and Redemption. The token merge is now complete. The entire amount of NU and KEEP tokens you are storing on the ONUS application has been automatically converted to T tokens according to the aforementioned ratio.

Starting at 5:00 , February 27, 2022, ONUS reopens all features for Threshold token (T).

About Threshold token (T)

Threshold is a network born after the merger of the protocol between Keep Network and NuCypher. The Threshold Network is designed with the ability to keep your information and digital assets private while you use a public blockchain. T token is a utility token in the Threshold Network, as well as a governance token for the DAO Threshold. T tokens are merged from 2 previous tokens, NuCypher token (NU) and Keep Network token (KEEP). T tokens are used to stake and govern changes in the ecosystem of the Threshold Network platform.