Complete DeFi Football (WCI) allocation

At  04:00 AM UTC on December 3, ONUS completed the subscription format Launchpad for DeFi Football (WCI). The final token allocation results are now in-app on the WCI Launchpad feature. With an initial price of 1 WCI = 0.016 ONUS, the launchpad for WCI has a total value of 384,000 ONUS.

Allocation details:

  • Launchpad amount: 24,000,000 WCI
  • Total amount of ONUS submitted to buy WCI: 388,941 ONUS
  • Committed amount/Launchpad value: 101.29%
  • Public Sale Token Price: 1 WCI = 0.016 ONUS

At 08:00 AM UTC on December 3, the system will directly send WCI to your ONUS account (you do not need to claim tokens). You just need to open the app and check the amount of WCI received, along with the remaining ONUS. You will receive 20% of the purchased WCI, fully unlocked. 

Users need to access Launchpad to receive their remaining ONUS.

Enable P2P and On-chain Transactions

Starting from 08:00 AM UTC on December 3, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive WCI with other users in the ONUS network.
  • On-chain transactions: Send, and receive WCI with other platforms via ONUS Chain network.
  • P2P Trading: Buy/sell/match WCI trading orders with other users on the ONUS app.

About DeFi Football and Token WCI

DeFi Football is the first Web3 game application on ONUS Chain. Separate from the GameFi model, with a burning and revenue-sharing mechanism to avoid inflation, DeFi Football allows players to freely immerse themself in the exciting world of football, where fiery matches and tactical rivalry are created by drafting, training and leading their own dream team on the Web3 interface.

With the Free-to-Earn model and attractive gameplay, everyone can build the strongest squad, upgrade the best players, and apply the best tactics with DeFi Football to receive rewards through the in-game activities with the project’s revenue sharing policy.

Thanks to the improved hybrid gameplay from FIFA Online and Football Manager, DeFi Football brings new ways to have funs and lets everyone easily participate in PvP or Tournaments and receive big prizes when becoming a winner.

WCI is the utility token of DeFi Football, which can be used to:

  • Buy and sell player cards on the Marketplace
  • Create and participate in matches with other players in PvP mode
  • Participate in Tournaments to win great prizes every week
  • Get revenue share via Staking pools and Reward pools


  • Name: World Cup International
  • Symbol: WCI
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token type: Utility
  • Maximum total supply: 100,000,000 WCI

Disclaimer: Projects on ONUS Launchpad are released by ONUS partners, ONUS only acts as an intermediary platform to support token sales to the community. ONUS has no obligation to guarantee the exchange rate of the token after the open sale event but entirely depends on the market. Investors should carefully learn the information about the project and take responsibility for your investment decisions.