Complete MiaSwap (MIA) allocation, open On-chain and P2P transactions

At 04:00 AM UTC on November 11, ONUS completed the subscription format Launchpad for MiaSwap (MIA). The final token allocation results are now in-app on the MIA Launchpad feature. With an initial price of 1 MIA = 0.09 ONUS, the launchpad for MIA has a total value of 360,000 ONUS, equivalent to 4.3 billion VNDC.

Allocation details:

  • Launchpad amount: 4,000,000 MIA
  • Total number of participants: 314
  • Total amount of ONUS submitted to buy MIA: 739,786.63 ONUS
  • Token Price: 1 MIA = 0.09 ONUS

At 08:00 AM UTC on November 11, the system will directly send MIA to your ONUS account (you do not need to claim tokens). You just need to open the app and check the amount of MIA received, along with the remaining ONUS. You will receive 20% of the purchased MIA, unlocked. 

Users need to access Launchpad to receive their remaining ONUS.

Enable On-chain and P2P transactions

Features to be unlocked after the MIA Allocation period:

  • 08:00 on November 11: Enable P2P feature, allowing users to create MIA buy/sell orders with other users on ONUS.
  • 08:30 on November 11: Enable On-chain feature, allowing users to send and receive MIA via ONUS Chain.

About MiaSwap and Token MIA

MiaSwap is the first decentralized exchange in the ONUS Chain ecosystem, designed with the goal of bringing DeFi closer to the ONUS community through simple and convenient experiences.

MiaSwap allows users to find the best liquidity pairs and highly profitable Farming/Staking opportunities, as well as offering a full range of products such as:

  • Swap: Exchange assets in pairs.
  • Liquidity: Provide liquidity to receive LP tokens.
  • Farm: Deposit LP tokens to receive transaction fee rewards.
  • Pool: Stake MIA to receive different tokens as rewards.

MIA is the main token of the MiaSwap platform and can be used to:

  • Stake it in Mining Pools to earn free tokens.
  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn more MIA.

MIA is designed with a mechanism to have the daily burn rate slightly higher than the daily mint rate. This means the token is targeted to be slightly deflationary. This allows the price to rise, which in turn increases the incentive to stake and farm for more pairs and draw in even more users who want to swap different coins.


  • Name: MiaSwap Token
  • Symbol: MIA
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Token type: Utility

Disclaimer: Projects on ONUS Launchpad are released by ONUS partners, ONUS only acts as an intermediary platform to support token sales to the community. ONUS has no obligation to guarantee the exchange rate of the token after the open sale event but entirely depends on the market. Investors should carefully learn the information about the project and take responsibility for your investment decisions.