Complete Migration of Google (GOOGL)

Based on the latest announcement from the FTX exchange – where ONUS takes liquidity for tokenized shares, Google (GOOGL) will perform a token split and migrate to the new GOOGL. 

To support this token split, ONUS has halted all features for GOOGL assets, including Off-chain, Exchange, and Credit Line. Now, the conversion is complete. The amount of the old GOOGL tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically converted to the new GOOGL tokens at a ratio of 20:1 (20 GOOGL old = 1 GOOGL new).

Starting from 15:00 UTC, July 20th, ONUS has reopened the following features for LEVER tokens, including Off-chain and Exchange.

About tokenized stock

Currently ONUS is listing tokenized stocks – stocks that are traded on traditional exchanges, and those that are tokenized and listed on the FTX exchange. These tokens are backed by securities shares that are overseen by CM-Equity, and they can be redeemed with CM-Equity if desired.

ONUS presents as a support platform to transfer users’ buy/sell orders to the FTX exchange.